AL-2 Separation System


AL-2 Separation System

AL-2 Separation System plants are based on a combination of chemical and mechanical filtration of process water and wastewater. Incorporation of precipitation chemistry and a pH regulating agent followed by polymer creates flocks that can be filtered off with an AL-2 Belt Filter.

The AL-2 Separation System can be used for particulate matter and impurities in process water, wastewater, sewage and condensate. Typically used in industries where a reduction of COD, BOD, SS, FOG, grease, oil, paint, heavy metals etc. are required.

AL-2 Separation System has many advantages:

  • Continuous flow and operation
  • Interval operation of belt filter for flock mats to ensure good filtration
  • Gentle removal of particles and impurities
  • Combined filtration and dewatering
  • Automatic cleaning of the belt filter
  • High level of reliability
  • Low noise level
  • Automation with level sensors, flow meters and PLC control

AL-2 Teknik A/S customise and manufactures the plants to customer requirements. Standard plants can be delivered to water volumes from 0.5 m²/hour to 36 m²/hour, after which scale for larger amounts of water is done with a modular construction of several units. This enables AL-2 Teknik A/S to offer solutions for all water volumes.

AL-2 Belt Filter is an important element in the separation system. The filtration rate can be selected according to requirements and needs.


Process / waste water is pumped into the mixing vessel of the separation system where the chemical separation is carried out. Chemistry is added for particulate precipitation and pH regulation. Then polymer is added in order that the particles form flocks that are easier to filter out. The flocks are fed to the belt filter where they are separated on the belt filter from the supernatant to obtain a sludge.

Step 0:
Waste Water
Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:


Examples for operation and trial tests of the AL-2 Separation System.


AL-2 Separation Systems can be customised and manufactured according to customer-specific requirements. There is not necessarily space for a separation plant when the need for waste water treatment occurs. We therefore offer to build a complete separation plant in a container, 20 feet or 40 feet, as required. It also provides the possibility of easier moving or transporting the plant if necessary. Smaller compact solutions can also be manufactured according to specific needs.