Products from AL-2 Teknik A/S

AL-2 Teknik A/S develops and supplies solutions for efficient handling and treatment of process and wastewater. Below are separate product pages for AL-2 Beltfilter and AL-2 Separation System describing products and functions.

AL-2 produce other products not yet included on the site, e.g.

  • Inlet grids and pre-treatment at municipal waste water treatment plants
  • Chemical dosing and chemical control panels
  • Sludge dewatering systems
  • Tanks and containers with and without agitation
  • and more – please contact us to discuss your requirements.

AL-2 Teknik A/S is always ready to advise to find the best solution based on many years of industry experience. The products can be customised and manufactured according to customer-specific requirements. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

The AL-2 Belt Filter is a leading belt filter in the market that ensures high operational reliability. The AL-2 Belt Filter is available in different sizes with the required filtration degree and accessories.

The AL-2 Separation System plants are used for the separation of particulates and impurities from process and wastewater. This is achieved by a combination of chemical and mechanical filtration.