AL-2 Teknik A/S Today

AL-2 Teknik A/S is still run by Jan Hansen, who founded the company more than 20 years ago in 1994. Since then, AL-2 has developed and delivered solutions for wastewater treatment where experience and products have solved wastewater tasks within a multitude of different market areas. AL-2 Teknik A/S is located in central Denmark in Hovborg, where the purpose-built offices and production are under the same roof to provide a dynamic and flexible company that can effectively solve tasks for customers and business partners.

About AL-2 Teknik A/S

AL-2 Teknik, founded in 1994, initially producing belt filters to fish farms for screening discharge water. However, it became clear that the extremely efficient and well-functioning AL-2 Belt Filter, with some small changes, could be used in many other places including the food industry.

The first AL-2 Belt Filter for industrial use was sold in 1994 for filtering of carrot peel from water. Since then, the development has been strong and today the BELT FILTER is used in the food industry, slaughterhouses, treatment plants, district heating plants and many others. See more under Solutions.

The AL-2 Belt Filter is also designed for use in the AL-2 Separation System. A process where the particles are separated in the water by coagulation and bound together by polymer into larger stable flocculated particles which are then separated by the belt filter leaving clear water for the outlet. Typically used in the food industry and other industries where a reduction of COD, BOD, SS, FOG, grease, oil, paint, heavy metals etc. is required.

AL-2 Belt Filter and Separation Systems are constantly being developed and improved to ensure that our products are in line with time and meet the changing requirements of the various market areas. See more about our products under Products.

“Functionality, design and quality are key words at AL-2 Teknik A/S.”

AL-2 Teknik A/S is located in central Denmark in Hovborg, where the purpose-built offices and production are under the same roof. Products are manufactured with strong focus on design, quality and functionality by our workshop. Specialised and highly skilled subcontractors manufacture and deliver several components to achieve a consistent high quality and ability to respond to large projects.

The majority of the products are manufactured in stainless steel, polyethylene (PEHD) and polypropylene (PP) and can be customized according to the individual customers requirements.

Over the years, AL-2 Teknik A/S’s products have found their way to many different projects, with an efficient quality product constantly evolving, we are confident that the future will bring new and exciting projects that we are ready to meet.

Time Line

AL-2 Teknik A/S today
The subdivision AL-2 Agro A/S changes its name to Cir-Tech A/S and full ownership transfers to co-founder Preben Nissen - see more at
The mother company AL-2 Teknik A/S continue unchanged
Commencement of Succession in AL-2 TEKNIK A/S from founder Jan Hansen to his son Lasse Majgaard Hansen
AL-2 Teknik A/S expands production facilities at Krøgebækvej in Hovborg
AL-2 Agro A/S is founded by Jan Hansen and Preben Nissen. The company focuses on agriculture and biogas
AL-2 Teknik A/S begins to develop and document the products using 3D CAD in SolidWorks
AL-2 Teknik A/S takes residence in its own premises on Krøgebækvej in Hovborg
AL-2 Teknik A/S develops a polymer mixer and the development over the years has led to the current version of AL-2 Polymer Mixer
AL-2 Separation System plants are further developed into slurry separation which became a market success over the next five years due to public subsidies
AL-2 Teknik transfers to become a Limited Company (A/S)
AL-2 Separation System plants are sold to the food industry
AL-2 Teknik develops AL-2 Separation Systems that are sold to wood chip fired district heating plants
AL-2 Belt Filter is sold to municipal waste water treatment plants
The first AL-2 Belt Filter is sold to the food industry
AL-2 Teknik is founded by Jan Hansen as a Partnership (I/S)